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To Extract Text From PDF, please upload PDF, and then click on blue button that says “Extract Images!”, and you will see txt file in few seconds.

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How to Extract Text from PDF for Free

Has someone just send you a PDF? But there is any portion of it which need some corrections? As we all are familiar that we can’t edit a PDF file with PDF Readers so for this we have to convert our PDF into plain text and the software and apps that provide this facility are paid or includes hidden charges. But don’t worry, for this reason Small Tech Tools (SmTeTo) has designed a tool to extract Text from PDF without need of installing any third party App or Software.


Supported Devices:

As it is a web app so it supports almost every device which has an active internet connection and a browser to surf, like: Windows and Mac PC, Android, PSP, iPhone and many more.

How to use PDF text Extractor

If you are using Mobile

instruction for extracting text from PDF using Mobile (Android/iOS)

1 First of all, open the SmTeTo website.

2 Then go to the Extract text from PDF.

3 Choose file from your Phone or drop your PDF in the dedicated box.

4 Now click on Upload & Extract text.

5 From here you can download extracted .txt just in one go.

Instruction for Extracting text from PDF

If you are using Desktop

instruction to use extract text from PDF for free

1 Visit and from here go to PDF Tools Section and choose Extract text from PDF.

2 Now click on Choose File Button or drag and drop your PDF file.

3 Once chose your File, it's time to click on Upload and text images.

4 At this point your .txt file is ready for download.