Type in Hindi by Speaking Online | बोलकर टाइप करें

To use this this tool, please click on mic (🎙) button below, then click on allow, and then start speaking, it will type whatever you will speak.

हिंदी में टाइप करने के लिए माइक (🎙) पर press करें फिर Allow पर प्रेस करें और बोलना start करें।

Click on the microphone icon and start speaking.
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With this free tool you can voice type in Hindi easily.

Click on mic button above, then it will ask for permission to use mic, click on ALLOW and start speaking. Please use a mic for best quality. you can download result in a file by clicking on download results.

You may need Hindi voice typing for various reasons, like you are tired of typing or your speed is not that fast or may be other reasons, with this tool you can type very fast just by speaking and this tool provide very accurate results.