Shivaji To Unicode Converter

To convert Shivaji To Unicode (Mangal), please copy and paste your content in the box below, and then click on the big blue button that says “Convert” and your content is converted in Mangal.

Shivaji text is given in:
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Computers display Shivaji as if they are some Greek or Latin fonts unless they are not in Unicode. This is why we need to convert non unicode fonts to unicode.

We have designed this small web tool to encounter this problem. Here you can paste Shivaji text the message will be in Unicode which you can send to anyone through Copy-Paste or download.

No, it is not Unicode. Shivaji is simply a letter painting that came to the computer when typists started using the computer with a typewriter. So you need to convert them in unicode.

I have checked Shivaji to Unicode converter on many websites but they are not able to convert a whole paragraph and you will know the real difference while using our tool.