Unicode (Mangal) To DevLys

To convert Unicode (Mangal) to DevLys, please copy and paste your content in the box below, and then click on the big blue button that says “Convert” and your content is converted in devlys.

(यूनिकोड ( मंगल ) से DevLys में बदलने के लिए मंगल का टेक्स्ट पेस्ट करें और convert बटन पर क्लिक करें )

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To convert Unicode (Mangal) to DevLys, Follow the steps below:-

Step 1:- Open SMTETO.com on your Web Browser and Unicode (Mangal) to DevLys Converter tool in the section Font Conversion Tools.

Mangal to DevLys

Step 2:- Here type or copy and paste your Mangal or Unicode Text in the first box.

Mangal to DevLys

Step 3:- Now click on “convert” button below the first box.

Mangal to DevLys


Step 4:- Your converted DevLys Fonts are ready to use as per your demand. Now just click on copy button below second box to copy whole content.

Mangal to DevLys


DevLys is a Legacy Hindi font and Devnagari typeface which uses the Remington’s Typewriters Keyboard Layout. It is majorly used in North Indian Public Commission offices.

No, it is not Unicode. DevLys is simply a letter painting that came to the computer when typists started using the computer with a typewriter. At that time, the computer was used only for typing and taking prints. The Internet did not become such a common part of our lives and Unicode was not even born at that time. Internet, information dissemination, and Unicode, the story of these three are linked together.

I have checked Unicode to DevLys converter on many websites but they are not able to convert a whole paragraph and you will know the real difference while using our tool.